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Stride Automation started operations in the year 2014. With the promise to serve as one of the best Industrial Automation Integrator. Today Stride is fulfilling its dream and Striding ever since.


We believe that Automation should be fruitful and reliable. It should leave you happy and give ease to work with your system. System that help you to stick to what you do best.


Stride Automation always stays afloat in the ever changing world of technology. We provides a full range of automation services including engineering, design, programming, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning.



Industrial Automation

Stride Automation provides manufacturing automation and system integration services for industry. We program automation controllers including PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) and their corresponding interfaces (HMIs). We program and configure automation equipment including Motion Controllers (motors, VFD’s, servos), and other measurement equipment.


Stride Automation’s industrial service offerings include interfacing factory lines with intelligent systems, such as recipe management systems, reporting and productivity monitoring systems, databases, PC and web applications.



Stride Automation designs and builds SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems able to meet varied project requirements from utility substation automation, relay and metering data to visibility of your power plants at SCADA at M/S MSETCL, Kalwa, Thane. These systems can range from a single server installation to hot-standby terminal servers that log data to a historical data server. We are able to utilize a variety of HMI software packages over a number of network infrastructures types.


Smart MCC and PCC

STRIDE AUTOMATION offers Intelligent tailor made MCC panels in a wide range of designs, sizes. IMCC panels consist of compact Intelligent Motor Starters for motors, for applications with heavy loads and requiring speed control, Soft-starters and VFDs are provided. 

For Power control center smart ACBs/MCCBs are used.

Stride Automation also retrofits conventional PCC panels with PLC for control and monitoring of feeders.




Stride Automation power automation system solutions meet world-class requirements with field-proven, state-of-the-art technology and seamless integration across the entire control platform. Stride covers the entire range of automation applications in the simplest to the harshest environments, providing you with secure and reliable system solutions.

Stride Automation offering includes a service portfolio tailor-made to meet the different needs of individual customers and individual plants. It consists of flexible plant evolution service packages, with which we service and evolve the plant’s electrical and automation assets as the customer’s need.







 Today’s food processing facilities are complex, fast, and highly regulated. In order to meet food safety and quality standards, you need automation solution that will help keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.




The most important controls in any steel plant are the controls of the furnaces, its recovery lines etc. Stride Automation has been credited with complete automation of furnace on turnkey basis.



Stride Automation has designed, programmed and commissioned automation systems for process control in paper industry.

Automation systems control diverse parts of the plant and technological processes characteristic of paper manufacturing Stock Preparation Control, conveyors, pulpers, coarse screening, fine screening, deinking, refiners, mixing and machine chests, Paper Machine Control, headbox, wire, formers, presses, vacuum system, steam and condensate system, coating, pope reel, water system, re-winder Machine Control, Coating Machine Control, Water Treatment System, Boiler Control, Drives Control, Quality Control System (QCS), etc.








Water and Wastewater

Water supply and sewerage facilities are important for safe and comfortable lives, they must be properly managed and operated.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a technique for quickly and accurately identifying the operational status of water supply and sewerage facilities. Automatic control enables smooth and smart operation of the facilities, making it easy to achieve the target water quality and conserve energy.

In addition, SCADA allows a management center to keep track of facilities such as purification and sewage treatment plants dispersed across a wide area via external communication lines. Therefore, SCADA can be adapted to various applications in a flexible manner such as wide-area management of plants and unattended operations.

Stride Automation offers easy-to-use operation systems for operators by leveraging its expertise in the monitoring and control of water supply and sewerage plants. These operation systems allow quick and accurate monitoring of the real-time operating states of power receiving and transforming equipment, components, devices and instruments in water supply and sewerage facilities.



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